The Cobbler's Daughter

Newly arrived in 1872 New York, Jennifer Crispin is caught between a murderous vice crusader, a feminist's ambition to be the first woman president and two mercenaries out to kill the King of Egypt.

Body Language

What if you could relive someone's death?  What if by merely touching a corpse their final memories flashed through your mind like the final frames of a broken movie?

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Doctoral student, Margie Chalmers, comes to Scotland to track down a rare bird but instead uncovers, not only a thirty year old mystery and the key to her own missing past, but possibly love.

Alternating Currents

1886, down on her luck and pursued by a murderer, spiritualist Helena Blavatsky struggles to find fame and personal happiness in New York's world of inventors.

King of All Men

A sprawling round the world adventure based on the true but little known story of the 1908 New York to Paris Automobile Race between six international teams.

G. S. Singer